Profiling railways

MiniProf is an efficient wireless measuring system for supervising railway material in research, planning and maintenance. The full contact measuring principle measures the real profile and gives a precise overview and the possibility to optimise work and budgets.

MiniProf BT WheelMiniProf BT RailMiniProf BT Brake

Structural evaluation

Traffic Speed Deflectometer performs continuous bearing capacity measurements at traffic speeds up till 80 km/h (50 mph). TSD makes it possible to record bearing capacity, estimate residual lifetime for your road network, and decide precisely from where to where to repair.

Traffic Speed Deflectometer

Profiling roads

The Profiler and LaserProf systems are professional pavement survey equipments used by road authorities and national road research institutes for pavement condition surveys.

ProfilerLaserProfLaserProf BikeLaneTrailer

Vision systems

The Right-of-Way Imaging (ROW) system records images of the surrounding. The Surface Imaging System (SIS) records road pavement surface imagery. Both systems operate at normal traffic speeds.

Right-of-Way ImagingSurface Imaging System

Greenwood Engineering

With more than 20 years of international experience, approximately 40 employees, a representative office in China and a section in USA, and local agents in more than 50 countries, Greenwood Engineering is now a leading manufacturer of highly specialized measuring equipment for monitoring and condition surveys in the global road and railway sector.

The wide product range spreads from the handheld and light weight MiniProf units for monitoring and analyzing the cross sectional profile of train wheels, rails and brakes to the big-size Traffic Speed Deflectometer (TSD) for network level bearing capacity measurement on roads while driving at normal traffic speed.



ERPUG 2017
5th anniversary conference for European Road Profile Userís Group

Copenhagen, Denmark
October 19-20, 2017

TRB 2018
97th Annual Meeting for Transportation Research Board
– Booth 358
Washington, D.C., USA
January 7-11, 2018

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