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Greenwood Engineering was founded in Denmark in 1992 by Leif Grønskov. Our first project was a Profiler with 17 lasers and an inertial system. Experience and skills for the early project was the cooperation between Leif Grønskov and his late father Niels Grønskov, who in his working life was head of Equipment Development in the Danish Road Institute. Since establishment, the basic premise for all marketed products has been an uncompromising high technological level and a wish to be at the frontier in business. Greenwood presents a top of range solutions operating with the least disturbance to environment and traffic and with the highest safety to the user of the equipment.

In 2017 Greenwood Engineering proudly celebrate our 25th anniversary. With approximately 40 employees, Greenwood Engineering is an efficient team-working company covering both developing and manufacturing. With thousands of various measuring systems distributed and used all over the world, with representative offices in China and USA and local agents in more than 50 countries, Greenwood Engineering now has a strong position in the market with continuous focus on maintaining a close relation to our customers, developing products in an on-going process to keep and always strive to reach an even higher technological level.

Company Strategy

• To be at the frontier of development, design and production of equipment for infrastructure condition surveys and asset management monitoring.
• To make use of advanced technology.
• To improve and introduce equipment that operate with the least disturbance to the environment and with the highest safety for the traffic and the user of the equipment.
• To meet specific demands of our clients.

Product Overview

Greenwood Engineering develops and manufactures highly specialized measuring equipment for condition surveys in global road and railway sectors.

• Greenwood MiniProf is a full contact and high precision digital gauge to measure cross-section of railway rails and wheels profiles.
• Greenwood LaserProf is a portable profiler with one or two lasers, to be mounted on any suitable vehicle, for roads. It is delivered in a portable suitcase, or can be mounted on a specific requested vehicle.
• Greenwood LaserProf BikeLaneTrailer is a special LaserProf for bike lanes and bike paths, developed on costumers request.
• Greenwood MultiProf for roads are based on our Profiler system and can be combined with our SIS and ROW cameras with great advantage and mounted on a suitable vehicle of your preference. We have supplied approximately 100 Profiler equipments, each one on costumers specific demands.
• Greenwood TSD / Traffic Speed Deflectometer is a high-tech large equipment for pavement bearing capacity measurement on roads. The technology is developed by Greenwood Engineering, and we carefully produce and continuously develop the equipment at our base in Denmark. This TSD technology is now leading to a shift of paradigm in pavement engineering worldwide. The TSD standard configuration supplied with custom made solutions / equipments makes each TSD unique. In 2017 the 12th and 14th TSD are under production.

Thank you very much for your interest in Greenwood Engineering products.
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