New York office

Greenwood Engineering Inc. was registered 2013 in USA, doing business from office in New York City. One Greenwood TSD was shipped to the US as Greenwood participates in two FHWA projects:

• MnRoad 2013 "Traffic Speed Continuous Deflection Data Collection, Minnesota" under DTFH61-12-C-00031.
• Pooled Fund Project TPF 5 (282) "Demonstration of Network Level Pavement Structural Evaluation with Traffic Speed Deflectometer".

After data-collection for the American project TSD7 returned to Denmark and is being upgraded with a number of new features. TSD7 will be used by Greenwood in 2017.

Contacting the US office

Mail address 
Thomas Martin LLP
Att: Greenwood Engineering Inc.
228 Park Avenue S, #300
New York, NY 10003
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