LaserProf BikeLaneTrailer

The LaserProf BikeLaneTrailer is a Class 1 profiler solution, made on request from road authorities maintaining bicycle paths. The equipment measures the longitudinal profile from which bicycle ride indicies can be derived.

The BikeLaneTrailer is a motorbike trailer and can be pulled by a scoter or any ordinary wehicle having an ISO 50mm ball trailer hook. A high-capacity Li-ion battery powers the system for a full working day. A rugged tablet is mounted at the scoter steer, allowing the driver/operator to operate and monitor the system.

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• Meets requirements of an ASTM E950 Class 1 profiling device.
• Automatic stop and go filter.
• A second sensor box can be connected to measure two tracks at once.
• Equidistant sampling between 1 mm and 6.5 m.
• TCP/IP interface compatible to the Profiler interface.
• Web interface for configuring, diagnostics, test and firmware updating.
• Capable of scanning a road network and point out sections, which needs to be considered more carefully.
• Flexible platform; can be customized to accept other types of sensors.
• Sensor connectors compatible with standard LaserProf sensor boxes.
• Large data buffer to minimize possible data losses.
• Utilizing new Greenwood Engineering data collection system.
• Web interface for easy configuration and calibration.
• No need for special tools.
• Weight: Approx. 85 kg.


• Designed to measure longitudinal profiles of pavement surfaces.
• Can operate on bicycle paths, park lanes etc., width: 80 cm
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