LaserProf BikeLaneTrailer

The LaserProf BikeLaneTrailer is a Class 1 profiler solution, made on request from road authorities maintaining bicycle paths. The equipment measures the longitudinal profile from which bicycle ride indicies can be derived.

The BikeLaneTrailer is a motorbike trailer and can be pulled by a scoter or any ordinary wehicle having an ISO 50mm ball trailer hook. A high-capacity Li-ion battery powers the system for a full working day. A rugged tablet is mounted at the scoter steer, allowing the driver/operator to operate and monitor the system.

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Measuring principle

The LaserProf BikeLanetrailer is designed for use on bycycle paths. The measuring system is a LaserProf.

LaserProf is utilising the latest FPGA technology (Field Programmable Gate Array). The FPGA runs at 50 MHz and collect data from the different sensors. The data is then organized by the FPGA and transmitted to a computer using a normal ethernet connection. An 100 kHz 16 bit A/D converter and 1 g bias circuitry is integrated to handle analog input from accelerometers.

The electronics is integrated on one board. The system can be powered from both 12V and 24V vehicle systems. A built in DC/DC converter steps up the voltage to charge two 12 volt rechargeable batteries providing power supply stabilisation (UPS).

Typical sensors for the LaserProf configuration:

• Digital Selcom laser profile sensors. (Update frequency from 16 kHz to 64 kHz)
• Odometer implemented with an encoder 1 pulse per 0.1 mm distance traveled

Collected data can be real time or post mission resampled into intervals chosen by the user. For a standard 16 kHz profile sensor typical resampling intervals is 25 mm - 100 mm. For a 64 kHz texture sensor typical resampling intervals is 0.5 mm - 2.5 mm

Results like IRI and MPD can be presented in a number of formats in intervals chosen by the user, typical 10 m - 25 m.

A Laptop is connected to the control box via the ethernet port. The laptop stores data and calculates certain results real-time.

Digital LaserProf equipment mounted in trailer

The LaserProf control box is connected to a large Li-ion battery. The laptop is connected to the control box via the Ethernet port. The control box combines and collects sensor information from odometer, lasers and accelerometer. The laptop stores data and calculates certain results real-time.
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