LaserProf is a portable system designed for road profiling measurements with no need for permanent installations. The system can be mounted on the trailer hook on a vehicle. The LaserProf is a flexible, fast, and reliable precision tool.

LaserProf is fitted in a standard suitcase, and it can be mounted in a few minutes on-site. The high maximum speed capacity allows you to perform measurements while the road is open to the public and with the pace of undisturbed traffic.

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The software supporting LaserProf consists of a real-time recording and calculation module, as well as a module for detailed data selection, calculation and report generation. Among data included in the reports are:

• Raw Longitudinal Profile
• IRI or Inch per Mile
• Simulated California Type and McCracken Profilograph responses
• Proscan output without the need to printout and scan the Profilograms
• Custom designed filters can easily be build into the software

Reports can utilize the built-in graph generating tools for both 2D and 3D graphs of any of the results mentioned above.

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