Brake Extensions

The Brake Extensions plug-in features additional calculations and alignments for use on single brake measurements as well as TwinHead measurements. These calculations and alignments are described below.

Brake volume loss
Calculates the volume between the measurement and a reference. This is done using either the measured diameter (if available) or the diameter entered as a parameter for the calculation. Default values for the parameters are: Diameter = 900 mm and Density = 0,00782.
TwinHead brake width
Calculates the minimum (Wmin) and maximum (Wmax) width of a brake disc given profiles for both sides of the disc as measured with a TwinHead rail unit. The two profiles must be linked together for the calculation to succeed.
Align TwinHead brake
Aligns a measured TwinHead brake profile on the top edges of the two measurements by moving vertically dy and rotating dv. The two profiles must be linked together for the alignment to succeed.
Standard Calculations
16 calculations
Standard Alignments
16 alignments
Wheel Extentsions
21 calculations, 2 alignments
Rail Extentsions
8 calculations, 1 alignment
Equivalent Conicity
Contact analysis calculation
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MiniProf Brake Extensions
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