MiniProf Envision

MiniProf Envision is the new full software package usable for all variations of our MiniProf BT instruments. It is highly flexible and customizable to the individual customer requirements and can be used to perform measurements as well as in-depth post measurement analysis. The software package includes measurement schemes, trending and a lot of other analysing possibilities.

Measuring scheme

MiniProf Envision features a measuring scheme system to perform large sequences of wheel, rail and brake profiles efficiently. An intelligent scheme wizard, enables the user to make customized scheme solutions.

More than a profile

MiniProf Envision has features such as logging of GPS locations and attachment of photographs to measurements. It can also measure temperature, super-elevation and grade with relevant MiniProf instrument.

Printing & reporting

The software has a number of printing templates, which can be saved as an Adobe PDF, a Windows Metafile or printed on paper. MiniProf Envision offers data exportation to formats like Microsoft Excel and text files.

User-friendly design

A MiniProf BT system is supplied with modern and user-friendly software package MiniProf Envision. Its smart configuration wizard makes setup process easy and provides a simplified user learning curve.

Examine trends

You can perform trend analysis on your data which can show alarm and failure warning levels and estimates. These are imperative for safety requirements and decision making for your company.

Intelligent cursors

Profile cursor runs smoothly through the data points which allow readings between the points. The advanced functionality also gives instant residuals and area results to the user by highlighting the area between the profiles.

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MiniProf is patented under the following patent numbers: 166972 in Denmark, 0569469 in Europe, 3154332 in Japan and 5351411 in USA.