Equivalent Conicity

With trains going faster everyday, there is an increasing demand for better travel comfort as well as insurance of a high degree of safety. For this purpose it is very important to look at the wheel and rail interaction, studying how the contact geometry behaves. The equivalent conicity is a very useful parameter when investigating this dynamic interaction between vehicle and track.

The MiniProf for Windows Equivalent Conicity plug-in was developed for this analysis, as an addition to MiniProf TwinHead Wheel and Rail measuring equipments. The MiniProf TwinHead instruments was originally designed to take both left and right wheel/rail profile together with an accuracy suitable for contact studies.

Contact points
The contact points is a graph showing where all the contact between the wheel and rail profiles were found.
Contact angles
The contact angles shows a graph of the left and right contact angle and the difference between the left and right angle relative to the wheelset displacement.
Rolling radius difference
The rolling radius difference shows a graph of the difference rolling radius relative to the wheelset displacement.
Equivalent Conicity
The equivalent conicity shows a graph with the conicity plotted relative to the wheelset displacement.
Standard Calculations
16 calculations
Standard Alignments
16 alignments
Wheel Extentsions
21 calculations, 2 alignments
Rail Extentsions
8 calculations, 1 alignment
Brake Extentsions
2 calculations, 1 alignment
MiniProf for Windows
Version 2.43.74
EXE: 30.9 mb
MiniProf Equivalent Conicity
Version 1.5
EXE: 2.7 mb
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