Frequently asked questions

Can I use MiniProf for Windows software on 64 bit version of Windows?

Yes, our latest version (2.43.73 and onwards) of MiniProf for Windows is compatible with 64 bit versions of Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

What to do when nothing happens when I open the downloaded installation file?

This could happen due to the User Account Control settings of your computer. For example if you are not the administrator of the computer or the workgroup that the computer is working under. In order to bypass this issue you should right-click on the installation file and choose "Run as administrator".

I have installed the MiniProf for Windows software on a new computer, but I am not able to see several calculations in the calculate menu. What went wrong?

When re-installing the software, you should firstly make sure that you also install the Extension packages as well, if you had them before or recently bought them. Moreover, make sure that the desired calculations are active, in order to be able to see them under calculate menu. Do so by clicking "Calculate > Configure". Now doubleclick on the calculations to activate or deactivate calculations.

Where can I find the calibration file?

The calibration file can be found in the root of the storage card on the PDA device. On computer, the calibration file is typically installed in "C:\MiniProf\MPW2\Cals" folder.

Can I use a PDA device with MiniProf TwinHead instruments?

Yes and no. Greenwood Engineering offers a special handled device for its TwinHead instrument, which runs MiniProf for Windows software. However, you will not be able to use the TwinHead instruments with general handled PDA device offered by Greenwood Engineering which runs on Windows Mobile (Thus, MiniProf for Pocket PC software).

Are MiniProf Brake instruments compatible with the PDA (MiniProf for Pocket PC) software?

Yes. All MiniProf Wheel, Rail and Brake instruments (apart from the TwinHead instruments) are fully compatible with the PDA running Pocket PC software.

How can I set/change alarms on the PDA?

In order to set/change alarm values, the user is required to configure the reference profile associated to the target measurement surface. This can be done in MiniProf for Windows software. User can do this by opening the reference file in MiniProf for Windows software under "Tools > Design Reference". Now click on "Alarm levels" and then double on the value you want to set/change the alarms for. Please note that it is not possible to set/change the alarm values within the PDA software. However, it is a simple process to transfer the modified reference file with alarms from a computer to the PDA.

Can I add a logo to the printing templates?

Yes. The printing templates are highly customizable. You can do so in MiniProf for Windows software under "Tools > Design Templates". Make sure that you save the file under a new name so that you don't overwrite the original file if you are editing an existing template.

How do I print my reports in color from MiniProf for Windows software?

To print your reports in color, you will need to edit the printing template that you are using. Editing of a printing template can be done by using "Tools > Design Templates".

How can I design my own schemes?

You can design your own schemes by using Scheme Designer. This can be found under "Tools > Design Scheme".

How can I export the results of multiple MiniProf profiles in a single excel spreadsheet?

This can be done by using the Summary (Excel) function. It can be found under "File > Automation > Summary (Excel)". When you will click on this tab, it will also show you the step by step instruction of how to get the desired result.

How to create a MiniProf Reference profile (.mpt file)?

You can create your own MiniProf references by importing a DXF file ("File > Import > DXF") into MiniProf and then simply export it as MiniProf reference ("File > Export > MiniProf Reference").
Note: The DXF file should only contain the profile. The profile must consist of one layer, and made up of only line, arc, ellipse and polyline.

How can I edit/add extra information fields to my measurements?

You can do so by clicking "Measure > Define Fields". Please note that this will not automatically add the newly created fields in a scheme measurement. For that, the scheme will also have to be modified.

MiniProf Pocket Configurator does not look like as shown in the manual. What should I do?

This could happen if no language is selected. Click on "TabStatus" and choose the appropriate language.

When should I get my instrument re-calibrated?

Greenwood Engineering recommends re-calibration of an instrument after one year. If the instrument is used on a very frequent basis then a re-calibration might be required earlier. A re-calibration also serves well in a longer run because you will get one year guaranty and two years of free hotline support with it and access to our latest software versions (those purchased i.e. extensions) and updates.

How long time does it take to get an instrument re-calibrated?

Our aim is to provide the fastest service to our customers. The calibration time can vary depending upon how many instruments are in the pipeline. Normally, you should expect it to take one week from the date Greenwood Engineering receives the instrument. For more details, please contact us to know the actual service and re-calibration timeline.

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