MiniProf for Windows

MiniProf for Windows is the software used for making profile measurements with a MiniProf instrument and for doing post measurement analysis of these measurements. The main features include the measurement, viewing, analysis and printing of profiles measured with a MiniProf unit. In addition, the software offers ways of manipulating profiles, aligning profiles against references and performing complex calculations.

MiniProf for Windows Version 2.4 is the latest release of the MiniProf measurement and analysis software package. Like the previous releases this version has a lot of both major and minor improvements along with new features.

General improvements

This release of the MiniProf for Windows software have a lot of general improvement, many of them small, some inseqnificant but still important. The file browser dialog now fully supports networks and popup menus are availabler throughout the software with relevant shortcuts, just to mention a few.

A couple of new calculation and alignments are also featured in this release, as well as updated versions of the Wheel Extensions, Rail Extentsions and the new Brake Extensions plug-ins.


One of the major improvements in the software is new features for automation. Calculations and alignments are now performed easily on multiple profiles. Where previous version required selecting the individual profiles in a window, this version automatically calculates and aligns all profiles in a given window at once.

Another brand new automation feature is the macro functionality. Almost any sequence of commands in the software can be put into a macro that, assigned a shortcut key, is repeated very easy again and again.


The measurement dialog have had a major redesign. A step-by-step guide now helps the user through the measurement and being resizeable, it can utilize both large and small screens.

Measurement schemes have been updated to the new xml based format already being used by the MiniProf for Pocket PC software. This also means that the scheme designer tool is updated and can be used to construct measurement schemes not only for Windows but also for the Pocket PC.

Other additions

Print templates have been changed to a new xml based format making future additions much easier to implement. The first of these additions is already in allowing templates to define multipage printouts with different layout on each page.

MiniProf for Windows
Software Package
PDF: 638.9 kb
MiniProf for Windows
Version 2.43.74
EXE: 30.9 mb
Standard Calculations
16 calculations
Standard Alignments
16 alignments
Wheel Extentsions
21 calculations, 2 alignments
Rail Extentsions
8 calculations, 1 alignment
Brake Extentsions
2 calculations, 1 alignment
Equivalent Conicity
Contact analysis calculation
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MiniProf is patented under the following patent numbers: 166972 in Denmark, 0569469 in Europe, 3154332 in Japan and 5351411 in USA.