MiniProf Envision
MiniProf for Windows
MiniProf for Pocket PC

MiniProf Envision is the new full software package usable for all variations of our MiniProf BT instruments. It is highly flexible and customizable to the individual customer requirements and can be used to perform measurements as well as in-depth post measurement analysis. The software package includes measurement schemes, trending and a lot of other analysing possibilities.

MiniProf for Windows is the software used for making profile measurements with a MiniProf instrument and for doing post measurement analysis of these measurements. The main features include the measurement, viewing, analysis and printing of profiles measured with a MiniProf unit. In addition, the software offers ways of manipulating profiles, aligning profiles against references and performing complex calculations.

MiniProf for Pocket PC is the software used for making measurements with a MiniProf USB instrument on a Pocket PC. The main features include the measurement, calculation of standard wear parameters and viewing measurements. Calculated wear parameters can be compared automatically with limits from reference profiles, displaying warnings when these are exceeded.

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MiniProf is patented under the following patent numbers: 166972 in Denmark, 0569469 in Europe, 3154332 in Japan and 5351411 in USA.