Profilograph for Windows

Profilograph for Windows is the software used for doing post-processing of measurements made with the Profiler and LaserProf measuring equipments. The main features include the measurement, viewing, analysis and printing of profiles and results. In addition, the software offers features for exporting data to other systems.

The processing of data can be in automatic mode in batch or in particular sessions in a manual mode. The operator selects the interval of wavelengths in which the pavement surface profiles should be reported. The combination of profile data, data from the inertial sensors and GPS data provides a full 3D profile of the road geometry, such as crossfall, slope, curvature and coordinates.

Among data included in an output report are:

• Raw longitudinal and transversal profile
• IRI, RN, MPD, etc.
• Rutting
• crossfall
• Longitudinal slope

The post mission software displays profiles (surface plots) or transverse profiles on screen and generates result files in ASCII format or in Excel format, which is easy to import in external software for further analysis or formatting.

The data acquisition and post mission software handle DGPS information and report information connecting results, time and position. (The GPS NMEA format is standard). Any relevant algorithm for pavement characteristics can be added. Custom designed filters to obtain national characteristics or indices can easily be built into the modular post mission software.

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