Pavement profile characteristics are essential to optimize management of pavement maintenance. The Digital Profiler is a professional pavement survey system used by road authorities and national road research institutes for pavement condition surveys.

Modular sub-systems, such as surface imaging, right-of-way imaging and GPS can be plugged-in and data synchronized.

Traffic Speed DeflectometerProfilerLaserProfLaserProf BikeLaneTrailerRight-of-Way ImagingSurface Imaging System


• The equipment is able to measure pavement profiles at all traffic speeds
• Utilizes new digital Greenwood Engineering data collection system
• Web interface for easy configuration and calibration
• Meets requirements of an ASTM E950 Class 1 profiling device
• Automatic stop & go filter
• Customizable configurations for best solution for each customer
• Under normal configurations maximum speeds can exceed 150 Km/h
• GPS and texture sensors for collection of more information of the road
• The system can operate on any dry pavement surface
• Fully integratable with Greenwood Right-of-Way Imaging, Surface Imaging System and GPS systems


• Transverse road profile acquisition
• Longitudinal road profile acquisition
• Network Measuring
• Project measuring
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