Pavement profile characteristics are essential to optimize management of pavement maintenance. The Digital Profiler is a professional pavement survey system used by road authorities and national road research institutes for pavement condition surveys.

Modular sub-systems, such as surface imaging, right-of-way imaging and GPS can be plugged-in and data synchronized.

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Measuring principle

An odometer is mounted on the wheel of the vehicle and in combination with the inertial system it is possible to keep precise track of the vehicle movement.

Each Selcom laser (16 kHz) mounted provides a longitudinal profile and contributes with one point to the transverse profile. From each texture laser (64 kHz) mounted there is a double output, from which you obtain both the roughness profile (IRI) and the texture profile (MPD).

The Profiler data aquisition software consists of real-time recording and calculation module capable to capture and handle output from all sensors and instruments.

The Profiler is delivered with a high-performance computer with Ethernet network and modular subsystems, which can be plugged-in and data synchronised. The Profiler alone can be operated from a laptop. A multifunctional solution can be operated from a keyboard connected to a rack mounted PC, which controls the data acquisition and subsystems.

Subsystem features available

It is possible to add video systems for both for inventory asset managing (Right-of-Way imaging) as well as for pavement surface inspection, (Surface imaging System), to the Profiler.

Another available subsystem is the HRM-system for geometrical longitudinal profiles (no accelerometer). External subsystems like Trimble GPS can be connected to the data acquisition.

A vehicle with Profiler, Right-of-Way Imaging, Surface Imaging System

The Greenwood Profiler beam contains inertial systems, Gyro and Selcom lasers.
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