Right-of-Way Imaging

Images of the road and the road-side inventory can be recorded at fixed distance intervals and exported to a database for the road authority to use in pavement maintenance planning.

Images and GPS coordinates (or other position information) are delivered in requested formats. Typically one image is recorded and stored for each 10 meter traveled at variable traffic speed. The system can be operated as a standalone system or synchronized with other equipments.

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• Flexible range of high quality digital cameras, gives possibility to customize the system for user specific applications.
• No limit on camera resolution and image speed (depends on selected camera).
• Typical configuration: 1-2 Mpixel 24bit with new image each driven 5-10 m.
• User selectable storage format, gives choice of quality and file sizes.
• Flexible output formats.
• Driving speeds as high as undisturbed traffic.
• Can be combined with a Greenwood Profiler and Surface Imaging System.


• Images of the souroundings.
• Road inventory.
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Right-of-Way Imaging
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