Right-of-Way Imaging

Images of the road and the road-side inventory can be recorded at fixed distance intervals and exported to a database for the road authority to use in pavement maintenance planning.

Images and GPS coordinates (or other position information) are delivered in requested formats. Typically one image is recorded and stored for each 10 meter traveled at variable traffic speed. The system can be operated as a standalone system or synchronized with other equipments.

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Measuring principle

An odometer mounted on the wheel of the vehicle is through control electronics triggering the camera at fixed intervals.

Each image from the camera is tagged with the time and distance identifying the position of the image. Images are compressed (optional) and stored on a standard or laptop computer.

Post processing software synchronize each image with other measurement made in the same vehicle based on the high precision odometer tags.

A vehicle with Profiler, Right-of-Way Imaging, Surface Imaging System

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Right-of-Way Imaging records and stores images of the surroundings while driving at traffic speed. A new image is recorded each driven 5-10m. Cameras can be mounted inside the vehicle for maximum protection, or mounted in a separate camera house on the roof of the vehicle. Cameras are mounted with adjustable brackets, to let the operator adjust the angle of view
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Right-of-Way Imaging
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