Right-of-Way Imaging

Images of the road and the road-side inventory can be recorded at fixed distance intervals and exported to a database for the road authority to use in pavement maintenance planning.

Images and GPS coordinates (or other position information) are delivered in requested formats. Typically one image is recorded and stored for each 10 meter traveled at variable traffic speed. The system can be operated as a standalone system or synchronized with other equipments.

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The images recorded in the Right-of-Way Imaging system can be used as documentation for features found in the Profiler. The images can also be exported for import into a road inventory database system. The software supporting the Right-of-Way Imaging system can export images in user selectable formats.

Information like GPS position and road stationing can be printed in the exported images or exported in a separate text or excel file. Images can be recorded in RAW format for maximum quality, JPEG / JPEG2000 for smaller file sizes or DV for continuous movie recording.

In the post-processing program it is possible to view Right-of-Way Imaging together with other results, as can be seen below.

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Right-of-Way Imaging
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