Surface Imaging System

The Surface Imaging System (SIS) is a high-resolution pavement imaging system recording images for crack detection image analysis. The SIS records the road pavement surface while travelling at normal traffic speed using line-scan technology.

While recording the pavement is illuminated with a high efficient flashing diode lamp configuration overruling any shadow cast due to the sun. The system can be operated as a standalone system or synchronized with other equipments.

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• Flexible range of high quality digital line scan cameras, gives possibility to customize the system for user specific applications.
• No limit on camera resolution and image speed (depends on selected camera).
• Typical configuration: 4 meter wide image with a resolution of 1 or 2 mm pixel size.
• Driving speed as high as undisturbed traffic.


• Road surface inspection.
• Crack detection.
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Surface Imaging System
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