Surface Imaging System

The Surface Imaging System (SIS) is a high-resolution pavement imaging system recording images for crack detection image analysis. The SIS records the road pavement surface while travelling at normal traffic speed using line-scan technology.

While recording the pavement is illuminated with a high efficient flashing diode lamp configuration overruling any shadow cast due to the sun. The system can be operated as a standalone system or synchronized with other equipments.

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Measuring principle

An odometer mounted on the wheel of the vehicle is through control electronics triggering the camera at fixed intervals.

Each line from the camera is added to the previous lines to make up one long continuous image. The continuous image is stored on a computer, tagged with time and distance identifying the precise position for each part of the image.

Post processing software synchronize the image with other measurements made in the same vehicle based on the high precision odometer tags.

A vehicle with Profiler, Right-of-Way Imaging, Surface Imaging System

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Camera mounted on back of vehicle on stable frame removes camera shake and makes a sharp image
The light system is triggered together with the camera and produces a monochromatic light pulse that is 10 times brighter than sunlight to remove shadows cast from roadside trees etc. as well as the measurement vehicle itself. Each light pulse is ultra short to freeze the movement of the vehicle while image is taken. Each lamp in the light system is controlled in intensity to make the light even across the road, and thereby reduce the amount of calibration needed in the camera
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Surface Imaging System
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