Traffic Speed Deflectometer

Traffic Speed Deflectometer (TSD) is a rolling wheel Deflectometer for network level bearing capacity measurement. TSD uses patented Doppler technology to measure pavement deflection while travelling at normal traffic speed - up to 80 km/h (50 mph)

TSD data provides continuous pavement deflection profiles, from which bearing capacity indices can be derived and pavement fatigue / residual life can be estimated. The high accuracy and resolution makes TSD perfect to pin point locations with bearing capacity deviations. This information allows you to plan exactly from where to where to repair.

TSD can be combined with subsystems collecting functional data simultaneously and synchronized with structural data.

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Measuring principle

The Traffic Speed Deflectometer measures the velocity of deflection rather than displacement. Measuring of the pavement response is based on advanced Doppler laser technique.

The measurement equipment is placed in the trailer and is connected with the truck, where the operator can monitor sensors and add events to the data.

Staff Requirement: 1 truck driver and 1 TSD operator. The operator controls data collection from the truck. No persons are present in the trailer during operation.

The measured data makes it possible to report deflection characteristics continuously. Collected data are treated in a dedicated post processing software program.

It is possible to combine the Traffic Speed Deflectometer with other Greenwood road measuring equipmentís. Such an equipment can take advantage of all the features in the Greenwood multifunction hardware and software package, where it is possible to measure and see all subsystems in a synchronized way both when collecting data and during post processing.

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Traffic Speed Deflectometer
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The Traffic Speed Deflectometer is patented under the following patent numbers: 819196 in Europe, 694347 in Australia, 6119353 in USA and 3850875/3851342 in Japan.